28 January, 2008

Recall My 华语

People ::

Mouth ::

Hand ::

Teeth ::

Ear ::

I always felt regret last time why I don't know 华语?
I hated when I don't understand what people wrote.
I screwed up when I f*#@ing try to translate via programs.

But aged doesn't mean I can't study, learn & practice again.
Unless you're lazy & lazier than ever.

I told myself, "whoever teach me, I'm willing to learn."
Until one day, my companion becomes my "Hua Yu" teacher.

First, I need to recall back how to write & read
these simple words from my kindergarten.

I bought a "buku latihan segiempat" to write.
I grabbed my cousin kindergarten books to read.

I'm learning one Chinese word per day now.
Sounds funny huh?


Anonymous said...

lee chen wei, why u ponteng this few week?

ur. lousy teacher

Reinert Lee said...

ha ha ha, sorry lah teacher.
Chinese New Year coming soon mah!

S8j said...

then u dont understand what
i wrote in my blog lok?
nvm, your 'lousy teacher'
can read for you right?

like your photos, very cool!
keep blogging ya! hahaha!

yunni said...

so how many words u learn now?
i support u brother, a word a day!

Reinert Lee said...

Hello s8j,

Yeah, my lousy teacher will also become my translator if I found out some of the story are interesting & full of curiosity.

And your blog are cool!
See ya around, pal.

Reinert Lee said...

Hola, my dear Yunni.
How was your Barcelona trip?
It's quite a tough & independent journey for you right?

Yunc & I had received your Madrid's postcard! And I'm still guessing what's the bear for?

Have a great long journey, Yunni.
See ya very soon!

p/s: i'm still lazy. one word per week sometime :p

jeepeng said...

good for you! add-oil!
always be there supporting you!
cheers!nice song!
and congratz, you're once again featured in the petlovefilm gallery! u rox!

Reinert Lee said...

Hey jeepeng!

Am glad to see you're here. It's my pleasure!

And, I really love Holga camera nowadays! It's just because of you, the Holga-Expert. You're the who got me addicted in this camera.

Ho Song said...

*) glad for ur effort...found sumthing lately...



Reinert Lee said...

Hey solomo! Thanks man!

I just need to login via my MSN acc to access into (www.wearefine.org) right?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

iamwen said...

yo bro! keep it up man... is not too late to learn as long you have the heart to learn.. i heard you talk in mandarin got improve already.. haha

ten1o said...

nothing is too late.. 加油(Ga Yao)!

Hooi said...

reinert, seriously, i really didnt know that u cant read chinese.
I tot we've been speaking mandarin all the while, and i didnt realise u cant read chinese words too...
Anyway, nothing is too late, and nothing is impossible.. impossible is nothing right?

Reinert Lee said...

Thanks for all of your supportive words!

I will never give up..

Thank you!

rice said...

i always felt sad about my poor English. i cant writing English well...i even not dare to open mouth to say a little word of english... >_<

Eva Eva said...

same as me. i do not know any mandarin words, and feel like im such a failure. i do speak lousy mandarin anyway. i'm so pissed and wanna to learn mandarin. therefore i joined a mandarin class when i'm in uni. i started to read and write better. i can even wrote a short, simple essay. but by the time i'm grad and working, all gone....wasted. now, i'm empty like i used to be...haaaaizz

* j a n e * said...

no late no late. me now aso learning. hahaha. lou lik ka yau~