25 May, 2007


Morib beach when the water was flowing away from the land ::

Left of the Middle ::

Expeditions ::

Misnomer ::

Minuscule ::

Misconception ::

Mini Military ::

Hereafter ::

Batu Laut, near Sepang ::

Generator ::

Lomographer ::

I do not know how to explain how good this places are.
But you must come if you haven't done so.
This places is call Morib and Batu Laut (Selangor Darul Ehsan).
Wait until the water is flowing away from the land.
Get your foots outer land and start your journey.
Go as far as you can.
You will feel it when you are in the middle of the sea.
Fill in your stomach in the restaurant located in Batu Laut.

08 May, 2007

LomoLocations Weekly Blog-Features (II)

Captured screen from Lomography Society International ::

This is the second time my LomoLocations story
has been selected as the Weekly Blog-Features.
This time my story is talking about Wesak Day,
Buddha biggest festival in Wat Chetawan, Petaling Jaya.
Again, thanks a bunch to Lomography Society International.

Click (here) to view my full story.

01 May, 2007

Today's Last Year

Wat Chetawan Temple, Petaling Jaya ::

Wesak Day ceremony ::

Today is a Wesak Day & Labour Day.
The photos above was taken in last year of todays.
That time was the second LomoOuting for me with a bunch of Lomographers.
Happy holiday to all & Happy Wesak Day too all Buddhism believers.
Enjoy your time. I think it's time for me to watch movies at home.

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Fourteen Of April

Pan Chan from Hong Kong ::

Wonderlandream from Hong Kong ::

Pan, Dream & gang in Petaling Street ::

Lomography souvenir items (photo by Yunc) ::

14th April, 2007 ::
It was a vivacity Saturday morning.

With the sky of blueish unlike the grayscale,
Pan Chan & Wonderlandream from Hong Kong came
to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia surprisingly (untold by Jeepeng).
Together with Jeepeng, Yunc, Ching, Ypink, Dominic & Sue,
we had a nice porridge breakfast along with "Yao Char Kuay".
Since I join Lomography last year of February,
Fourteen of April was the first day I met up with overseas Lomographers.
Truly a great time to exchange our Lomo spirit between each others.
That Saturday morning was the day for LomoKids LomoOuting as well.
They reached us like a sounds of "WOOOOOW!!!".
I can't imagine that! They have almost 30~40 people surrounding.
They are not a whippersnapper, but the well-known shooters.
I ever seen this many Lomographers in Malaysia yet before.
They are Rocks!!!
Perspicuity, Fourteen of April was a gorgeous yesterdays.
Lomo really got me out from working sickness!
Yes, it is true!

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