25 May, 2007


Morib beach when the water was flowing away from the land ::

Left of the Middle ::

Expeditions ::

Misnomer ::

Minuscule ::

Misconception ::

Mini Military ::

Hereafter ::

Batu Laut, near Sepang ::

Generator ::

Lomographer ::

I do not know how to explain how good this places are.
But you must come if you haven't done so.
This places is call Morib and Batu Laut (Selangor Darul Ehsan).
Wait until the water is flowing away from the land.
Get your foots outer land and start your journey.
Go as far as you can.
You will feel it when you are in the middle of the sea.
Fill in your stomach in the restaurant located in Batu Laut.


iamwen said...

nice picture reinert... you really pro in lomo... nice colour... hopefully next time we will have a lomo gathering there...

dominic said...

haha... initiate a lomo outing?

Reinert Lee said...

iamwen : thanks for your comments... i am not Pro lah, just a normal Lomographer here! see ya around next time!

dominic : yes! see ya in Genting Highlands! the next move!