27 December, 2007


After a week since my first OKTOKINO Mini-Movie winning,
today I won again with this funny joker faced movie.

This joker is Jeepeng, a great Lomographer from Malaysia.

Thank you so much again to LSI for the OKTOKINO
2nd awards
and Jeepeng for making this movie possible.

Cheers & Happy New Year 2008!

Click the photo above to view the movie

20 December, 2007


First thing, I would like to tell myself, "I'm stupid"!
Why? Because I didn't notice that if I want to
summit my mini-movie for the (Oktokino) competition,
I have to summit via the Oktokino web.
I just thought once I have created the new mini-movies
and shows it to the public, it will automatically helped me
to submit into this competition.

Only yesterday I had just found out that the mini-movies
that I have been created since last two years still
haven't done with the submission!
I have to click on the "SUBMIT MINIMOVIE" button via
the OKTOKINO website for the submission.
I'm so fucking stupid!...LOL!

And I won today... Ha Ha!

Click the photo above to view the movie

15 December, 2007

1st of Dec 07 // The Xhibition

Rolin X Jumping ::

Yingtze & Kahgiap holding a Polaroid photos ::

Xiang & Dickwoei (Jeepeng = Lomographer)

Yunc at the X LomoWall ::

Jeepeng at the X LomoWall ::

Yunc on the Guestbook ::

Chingbibi & Solomo ::

Yunc X Pose ::

Rolin, Beebee & Zsezsespeck (Kahgiap = Lomographer)

Ronnie & Ten10 on the X LomoWall ::

Lomo Silhouette ::

LomoGang ready Group-Photo ::

Syahrulfikri Y Pose ::

Jeepeng on the Guitar ::

Jojooo & Michi ::

These are some of The Xhibition 07 gallery from me
which was held in Dasein Academy, KL.
This exhibition was started & ended successfully.
Thanks to everyone who has been participated.

More (photos) here &
Click (here) to view the photos of the making of The Xhibition!