19 December, 2008




with cable release...

15 December, 2008


by Foo Fighters //

Wish I Were With You
I Couldn't Stay
Every Direction
Leads Me Away
Pray For Tomorrow
But For Today

All I Want Is To Be Home

Stand In The Mirror
You Look The Same
Just Lookin' For Shelter
From Cold And The Pain
Someone To Cover
Safe From The Rain

All I Want Is To Be Home

Echoes And Silence
Patience And Grace
All Of These Moments
I'll Never Replace
No Fear Of My Heart
Absence Of Faith

All I Want Is To Be Home

All I Want Is To Be Home

People I've Loved
I Have No Regrets
Some I Remember
Some I Forget
Some Of Them Living
Some Of Them Dead

All I Want Is To Be Home

03 December, 2008

Kahgiap & Yingtze Engagement - Love's in the Heart

The 爱在心里(Love's in the Heart).Engagement aka 独眼兽与云子蓝之求婚礼:

30th November 2008, as November(11) is like a symbol of two people, so Mr. Lee Kahgiap chose the last day of November to end this "11", they're no longer 1 & 1!!! They're going to be only "1" on the last day of November! HURAY!!!!

It's the historical day in Lomo.Malaysia.History, our beloved Mr. Lee Kahgiap was proposed to Ms. Chua Yingtze at their very own home sweet home. To make this engagement party simple yet memorable, Mr. Lee Kahgiap sent us an exclusive invitation to witness and helped him to squeeze as much as tears of joy dropping down from his fiancée, Ms. Chua Yingtze.


10 November, 2008

"Ai Gia Mai Gia"?

Walk or Don't Walk?

01 November, 2008

Shi Jie Hen Guang Kuo

The World Is So Wide

Why am I still here?
Same perspective...
Same feelings...
Same taste...
Same gossips, all day long...
For a few years...

Should I get up from my desk?
To see something different outside there?.
Maybe it's really different unlike jail, jungle or whatever crab is it?
And to stay away from the current "Fei Chai(s)", that we used to call...


28 October, 2008

Wo De Ren Sheng

This Is My Life


17 October, 2008

Sheng Re Kuai Le Ah C & Ah Wei

Happy Birthday to Ah C & Ah Wei

This video or slideshow are special made to Ah C for the her birthday of year 2008.
It shows our gallery before & after we joined in Lomography.
Hope this could brings u a smile, Ah C.
Once again, Happy Birthday to Ah C & myself too!

1017, it's our number...

14 October, 2008

是 年青 或是 老了
shi    nian qing   huo shi   lao le

Am I Getting Older or Younger?

Hair 2001 //

Hair 2005 (lmao) //

Hair 2006 //

Hair 2006, Lomographs by Jeep //

Hair 2006, Lomographs by Ypink //

Hair 2007 - Recycle Myself //

Hair 2007 //

Hair in Progress 2007 //

Hair 2007 //

Hair Mushroom 2008 (lol) //

Hair Before & After 2008 //

Hair Now - Recycle Myself II //

10 October, 2008

Yi Shou Jiao Qian, Yi Shou Jiao Huo

Direct translated from the title //
"One Hand Pay Money, One Hand Give Stock" ??

Last night, while at the Old Town, Seksyen 17...

Buyer ID No. 007 - Edmund Sayin' Hi //

Buyer ID No. 008 - Jhunnie (left) just arrived //

"Ke Poh" only - Mr. Low (right) //

And Finally The Toxic Has Arrived //

Oh, Precious! //

The Toxic Polaroid //

Series 600, To Take 10 Spoons Per Outing //

The Toxic Kodak EBX,
Series 100, To Take 36 Spoons Per Day //

On Behalf Of The Dealer For Toxic Polaroid - Hooi & Weiwei //

Dealer for Toxic Kodak EBX - Yunc (left)
and "Ke Poh" also - Esther (right) //

Buyer ID No. 011 - Ymc, Questioning About The Poison Goods //

Buyers Pretty Eva & Macho Jhunnie (both left)
While Dealers The Jiak Bah Hooi & Beauty Weiwei (both right)
Had A Discussion With Others //

The Upcoming Product //

Buyer ID No. 038 - Rice Just Had Her Toxic
And Here Came The Expressions...
She told us "she would like to take a train going up to Cameron Highlands"! //

07 October, 2008

I like new...

How about you?
How about him?
How about her?
How about papa?
How about mama?
How about sister?
How about brother?
How about cousin?
How about teacher?
How about this?

No! Destroy all spammers!

27 September, 2008

Behind the Scenes @ Lomography


Thank you very much for all of your compliments...
With you all, there no Lomo too!

16 September, 2008

Unexplainable • Rethink

When I move closer to this swan,
it might be hate? angry? scream? attack?
It's the same to a human being as well,
whereby a stranger try to do something to you.

But certain people are get used to behave like that,
just only depending on their moods.

Something burning inside the head?
Mr. Attitude told to act like that?
The Culture? Family background?
Is this unexplainable?
Or it that from our Karma, that kinda hard for me to change my behaviour?
Do I really need to rethink?
I still don't f##king understand this.
Opps...not again...

14 September, 2008

Happy Birthday to Edmund Li

VIP & Guests are getting hotter ::

12.00AM & Happy Birthday to Edmund ::

Penyampaian Sagu Hati ::

Stylo ::


Edmund, can drink much better now ::

You're cool, Yea Ting ::

Kaki Botol, Jeep ::

Kaki Botol, Althf ::

Kaki Botol, Jhunnie ::

Kaki Botol, Eva ::

Ghost Water everyday sober, Rice ::

The magician after a few bottles, Singblass ::

After a few, Ah Hooi ::

Can't take my eyes off you, said to the glass, Weiwei ::

Talking nonsence when drunk, Kahgiap ::

Steady drinker, Yingtze ::

Never drink, Ypink ::

Excepted Syahrulfikri, with Orange juice ::

Cheers baby!