10 October, 2008

Yi Shou Jiao Qian, Yi Shou Jiao Huo

Direct translated from the title //
"One Hand Pay Money, One Hand Give Stock" ??

Last night, while at the Old Town, Seksyen 17...

Buyer ID No. 007 - Edmund Sayin' Hi //

Buyer ID No. 008 - Jhunnie (left) just arrived //

"Ke Poh" only - Mr. Low (right) //

And Finally The Toxic Has Arrived //

Oh, Precious! //

The Toxic Polaroid //

Series 600, To Take 10 Spoons Per Outing //

The Toxic Kodak EBX,
Series 100, To Take 36 Spoons Per Day //

On Behalf Of The Dealer For Toxic Polaroid - Hooi & Weiwei //

Dealer for Toxic Kodak EBX - Yunc (left)
and "Ke Poh" also - Esther (right) //

Buyer ID No. 011 - Ymc, Questioning About The Poison Goods //

Buyers Pretty Eva & Macho Jhunnie (both left)
While Dealers The Jiak Bah Hooi & Beauty Weiwei (both right)
Had A Discussion With Others //

The Upcoming Product //

Buyer ID No. 038 - Rice Just Had Her Toxic
And Here Came The Expressions...
She told us "she would like to take a train going up to Cameron Highlands"! //


Eva Eva said...

wahahaha..not bad :D
一手交钱,一手交货 :D

and the last pic..wakkkaaa :) nasi so cute :P

yayawoo said...

nice title dude!!!

nasi really going to take train go cameron jor!!!


beebee said...


LOL Lee Chen Wei~
ur chinese very geng now ahhXD

-mc- said...

nasi going to take motor go cameron too!!!hahaha...
i think nasi now is boh lak liao la!

Xiao Wei said...

woahahahahaha..... can write chinese word oh... not bad ahhh.... hehehe... very fun post... (last time i didnt know tat u dunno mandarin 1, coz u can speak good mandarin also)

jeepeng said...

i tot rice going to climb to cameron @.@ by train?!! @.@ good one!

beebee said...

aiyooo~ee long time no see ohh~

Dick Chua said...

Wah so syok, too bad I can't attend last nite... :(

rice said...

wuwuwuu...... >-<
not me said take train go cameron ah...
it's jhunnie said one..

yayawoo said...

no la... take cable car go cameron is easier... the cable car station at wangsa maju saja ma!
kekeke... ^^

Reinert Lee said...

Hahaha!!! Seriously, while I'm writing this blog, I kept LOL and LMAO at last!

Yeah, yesterday night was a wonderful night for the tea break & collecting all the goods' session that you guys bought! The moment just bringing me back to our last LomoTrip!

See you guys again on this coming 18th October for another gathering. And keep our promises that we will going up to Cameron Highlands once our gang are "free & available" but not neither by train, helicopter, motorbikes nor climbing! Haha! Stick together, team! Love you all, babies ;-D

Hooi said...

reinert.. lu buih hiao gong hua yu, biao kinn, because wa ehh hiao ga lu gong hokkien huai~~!!!
tapi hor, tuition fee is FOC la, naa sii gong lu ai zhorr MANYZER, lu tiok ai heng jitt baa bann~!!!

Nice photos...
Cameron sap sap sui la, no need play sms also can...

私地下的我不是小丑..我是bb said...

Nasi =D lol...
I should shoot ee with horizon..