21 February, 2009

Holiday in Hanoi (Lomo Version)

Streets of motorists, honks every seconds.
90% of beautiful ladies, 80% of nice guy.
Walking down the street, climbing up till rooftop.
The wind blowing down to 18celcius, the sun shining up to 24celcius.
Thirsty for coffees, hunger for cold beers.
With the appetizer rice and local-famous beef noodle.
3 hours bus journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay.
A view from the busy town to harmony village.
Catching up the movement spotlights, surrounded by the street lights.
Shoots from analogue film to digital video.

The unforgettable trip...

13 February, 2009

Roadside Coffee in Hanoi

Updates while back to hotel...

we drank 4 glasses... 1 pecah :

to be continued...

09 February, 2009


(remember to watch in High Quality)

At first when I listened to this song from radio, I thought this band, estrella might be from somewhere in UK.
Until today when I watched them on Homegrowntv @ 8tv, I was shocked & surprised!
I didn't even know estrella are actually a local band!!

The vocalist+guitarist, Liyana have a very sweet voice. And the band's "acoustic+indie+jazz" are nice to listen.

I'm influenced by this song, "Stay"... beautiful song...

Cheers to you guys!

"Support local music"

08 February, 2009