27 December, 2007


After a week since my first OKTOKINO Mini-Movie winning,
today I won again with this funny joker faced movie.

This joker is Jeepeng, a great Lomographer from Malaysia.

Thank you so much again to LSI for the OKTOKINO
2nd awards
and Jeepeng for making this movie possible.

Cheers & Happy New Year 2008!

Click the photo above to view the movie

20 December, 2007


First thing, I would like to tell myself, "I'm stupid"!
Why? Because I didn't notice that if I want to
summit my mini-movie for the (Oktokino) competition,
I have to summit via the Oktokino web.
I just thought once I have created the new mini-movies
and shows it to the public, it will automatically helped me
to submit into this competition.

Only yesterday I had just found out that the mini-movies
that I have been created since last two years still
haven't done with the submission!
I have to click on the "SUBMIT MINIMOVIE" button via
the OKTOKINO website for the submission.
I'm so fucking stupid!...LOL!

And I won today... Ha Ha!

Click the photo above to view the movie

15 December, 2007

1st of Dec 07 // The Xhibition

Rolin X Jumping ::

Yingtze & Kahgiap holding a Polaroid photos ::

Xiang & Dickwoei (Jeepeng = Lomographer)

Yunc at the X LomoWall ::

Jeepeng at the X LomoWall ::

Yunc on the Guestbook ::

Chingbibi & Solomo ::

Yunc X Pose ::

Rolin, Beebee & Zsezsespeck (Kahgiap = Lomographer)

Ronnie & Ten10 on the X LomoWall ::

Lomo Silhouette ::

LomoGang ready Group-Photo ::

Syahrulfikri Y Pose ::

Jeepeng on the Guitar ::

Jojooo & Michi ::

These are some of The Xhibition 07 gallery from me
which was held in Dasein Academy, KL.
This exhibition was started & ended successfully.
Thanks to everyone who has been participated.

More (photos) here &
Click (here) to view the photos of the making of The Xhibition!

19 November, 2007

The Xhibition Collaboration Project 2007

The Xhibition (click to enlarge) ::

Hi everyone,
you guys are invited to join us on this event.

Date :: 26 November - 01 December
Time :: 9am - 6pm
Venue :: Dasein Academy Gallery Hall, Kuala Lumpur

Click the poster above to enlarge.

See you there...

15 November, 2007

Crossover with Syahrulfikri

Shot in the City ::

Behind the Story ::

Joined In ::

Ikea Vs. Ikea

After getting bored with some single shots somehow,

it's great if you roll back the film into the camera for 2nd shoots.
Of course, it could be more interesting if you roll it back
into your friends or family's camera.

Here are some of my crossover photos with (Syahrulfikri).
It's so coincidence we had double-up some photo in the same place at IKEA.
All photos could tell me a lot of stories behind the story.

Thank you so much Syahrulfikri for making this possible.

More (photos) here!

28 September, 2007

The Beautiful People In Kuantan

"SHE" (Yewkong) is Coming! Watch Out!! ::

She's Wet! ::

2nd Round in The Pool ::

What a Wasted! Cut his head ::

Olympic's Runner-Up, ee ::

Not Willing to Go Back ::

The Beautiful People I

The Beautiful People Vs. The Pollution ::

The Beautiful People II ::

The Beautiful People III ::

The Beautiful People IV ::

The Beautiful People V ::

The Beautiful People VI ::

The Beautiful People VII ::

The Beautiful People VIII ::

22nd September, 2007 ::
11 Lomographers from Klang Valley spent 3 hours driving journey
and stepped into Kuantan for 2 days 1 night's trip.
Unfortunately, the weather weren't so good that days.
But I still got at least a roll of film back.
Kuantan, the great place for some relaxing sensation.

More (photos) here.

19 September, 2007

Holga's Arrival

Thank you so much to
Lomography Society International &
UrbanOutfitters for the "Who The Hell Are You" awards!

I've received my new Holga camera today!
And I'm still waiting for Custom Urbanoutfitters Fisheye Camera
to swim to my doorstep...


12 September, 2007

Where Are The Rest Of Us?

Busy, not available or do not disturb?


When can we play like the old school-timer again?

22 August, 2007

永远不会忘记 :: Never Forget

一个月后, 我...
After a month, I....

Never forget the places

Never forget the streets

Never forget the foods

Never forget the drinks

Never forget the tiredness

Never forget the happiness

Never forget the friendship

Never forget the sickness

Never forget the hotness

Never forget the refreshment

Never forget the buses

Never forget the walks

Never forget the fastness

Never forget the convenient

Never forget the satisfactory

in Hong Kong...

* Sorry if my Chinese words are wrong... I cannot write Chinese words , but I love it.

17 August, 2007

LomoHome of The Day

I checked my mailbox before I went out for a tea break at 5pm yesterday.

When I came back that time, my toolbars told me that I've got new mails.
So I just clicked, and my Inbox was fulfill with the auto-generated
mail from snoop instead of an empty mailbox before I went out.

At the bottom every of my new mails,
that is one mail titled, "hod winning mail".
And finally I have found out myself actually I'm winning "LomoHome of The Day".
Yunc sitting beside me, together we felt surprise & happy on that!

Thank you so much for everybody's compliments & comments.
Lomo brightens up my life!
Have a great days and good nights, pals!


31 July, 2007

Expedition in Hong Kong

On the Way to Hong Kong ::

View from Hotel ::

Hong Kong ::

Jumbo ::

Houses Building ::

Houses Building ::

Mong Kok Street ::

Transportation ::

Women Street ::

Kowloon Street ::

Lomography Shop Hong Kong ::

Jeep's Holga Photo in The "Light Leak" Book ::

Pan & Minghui ::

Wonderlandream ::

Self-Shot in The Toilet ::

Yunc ::

Yunc, Chingbibi, Camera, Jeepeng & Minghui ::

In the Bus ::

On the Walk ::

Yau Ma Tei MTR Station ::

Evening View ::

Hong Kong Night Skyline ::

Food ::

Hong Kong Historical Museum ::

Hong Kong Historical Museum ::

Eunis & Michellehui ::

Yunc ::

Art ::

Buses ::

Night Life ::

Night Life ::

21st July 2007 - 28th July, 2007 - Hong Kong ::
We (Yunc, Chingbibi, Camera, Jeepeng & I) were spent for
8 days & 7 nights in Hong Kong together with (Minghui) & (Cklalan).
I really appreciated all days long together with them!
The first day we were having a gathering together with Hong Kong Lomographers.
And also, Minghui brought us for so many places, restaurants, and many more.
As we can say, he is our best tour guide in the world!
Thank you so much for everything!! Just for Lomo!!
I miss Hong Kong now!

We are waiting for you here!!

More photos here::
(Day 1)(Day 2)(Day 3)(Day 4)(Day 5)(Day 6)(Day 7)(Day 8)(Holga)