31 July, 2007

Expedition in Hong Kong

On the Way to Hong Kong ::

View from Hotel ::

Hong Kong ::

Jumbo ::

Houses Building ::

Houses Building ::

Mong Kok Street ::

Transportation ::

Women Street ::

Kowloon Street ::

Lomography Shop Hong Kong ::

Jeep's Holga Photo in The "Light Leak" Book ::

Pan & Minghui ::

Wonderlandream ::

Self-Shot in The Toilet ::

Yunc ::

Yunc, Chingbibi, Camera, Jeepeng & Minghui ::

In the Bus ::

On the Walk ::

Yau Ma Tei MTR Station ::

Evening View ::

Hong Kong Night Skyline ::

Food ::

Hong Kong Historical Museum ::

Hong Kong Historical Museum ::

Eunis & Michellehui ::

Yunc ::

Art ::

Buses ::

Night Life ::

Night Life ::

21st July 2007 - 28th July, 2007 - Hong Kong ::
We (Yunc, Chingbibi, Camera, Jeepeng & I) were spent for
8 days & 7 nights in Hong Kong together with (Minghui) & (Cklalan).
I really appreciated all days long together with them!
The first day we were having a gathering together with Hong Kong Lomographers.
And also, Minghui brought us for so many places, restaurants, and many more.
As we can say, he is our best tour guide in the world!
Thank you so much for everything!! Just for Lomo!!
I miss Hong Kong now!

We are waiting for you here!!

More photos here::
(Day 1)(Day 2)(Day 3)(Day 4)(Day 5)(Day 6)(Day 7)(Day 8)(Holga)


dominic said...

could i cry?

Reinert Lee said...

Why you wanna cry??
We still lots of time!!
We still have a chances to go together! Sa Pre Neei??

dominic said...

unless u buy me a trip to hk then!

Reinert Lee said...

okay, tomorrow i will start to sell my pussy to auntie-2. LOL!
See you in Angkor Wat!!

Anonymous said...

fuiyooo, high hand bru!!!

oh man, dominic let's cry together in a corner...

lovely picture, proud of u, son! i mean bru!

dominic said...

pussy? do you got that?

Reinert Lee said...

Hey yunni! Hong Kong weather were just HOT, BLUE & CONTRAST now!

Trust me, every single piece of the output will becoming totally different than the hazy places photo taking in Malaysia! :(

Thanks for your comments, my friend!

Reinert Lee said...

dominic, do you wanna see? HAHA!

dominic said...

hahahaha, can i?

Reinert Lee said...

come, come see! but you cannot touch my butt, baby!

purrly said...

Hie, i'm very curious. Which lomo camera were you using for these pics? thank you :)