17 August, 2007

LomoHome of The Day

I checked my mailbox before I went out for a tea break at 5pm yesterday.

When I came back that time, my toolbars told me that I've got new mails.
So I just clicked, and my Inbox was fulfill with the auto-generated
mail from snoop instead of an empty mailbox before I went out.

At the bottom every of my new mails,
that is one mail titled, "hod winning mail".
And finally I have found out myself actually I'm winning "LomoHome of The Day".
Yunc sitting beside me, together we felt surprise & happy on that!

Thank you so much for everybody's compliments & comments.
Lomo brightens up my life!
Have a great days and good nights, pals!



dominic said...

congrat dude..

Reinert Lee said...

Thanks, pal...
Hoping to see you soon...