18 May, 2009


Started from today, I'm going to be lonely on my desk.
Lonely but still have to face with some shitty faces.
Total of four employees so far, included me are sitting in different directions.
North, South, East, West, i can named it.
Sound pollution like f*ck, m*kahai, s*hai...etc are still the same.
Feel angry but have to be more controlled now.

Started from today, it's a brand new day for her also.
With a new working environment and colleagues.
Right you are!
You've found the better choice.
For you to forget the past and walking towards future.

I'm still wondering about my new day too.
When will it be?

Good luck to you, c.

And all the best to me too :)

A pinky pen from her desk ::

The sticker that she left for me ::

A lonely Mac beside my desk ::

02 May, 2009

Time Warp : Metallica

Time Warp, my favorite TV Show.
Metallica, my favorite heavy metal band, ever.

And this time, Time Warp worked together with Metallica!

Check this out:-

More here : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=Time+Warp+Metallica&aq=f