27 September, 2008

Behind the Scenes @ Lomography


Thank you very much for all of your compliments...
With you all, there no Lomo too!

16 September, 2008

Unexplainable • Rethink

When I move closer to this swan,
it might be hate? angry? scream? attack?
It's the same to a human being as well,
whereby a stranger try to do something to you.

But certain people are get used to behave like that,
just only depending on their moods.

Something burning inside the head?
Mr. Attitude told to act like that?
The Culture? Family background?
Is this unexplainable?
Or it that from our Karma, that kinda hard for me to change my behaviour?
Do I really need to rethink?
I still don't f##king understand this.
Opps...not again...

14 September, 2008

Happy Birthday to Edmund Li

VIP & Guests are getting hotter ::

12.00AM & Happy Birthday to Edmund ::

Penyampaian Sagu Hati ::

Stylo ::


Edmund, can drink much better now ::

You're cool, Yea Ting ::

Kaki Botol, Jeep ::

Kaki Botol, Althf ::

Kaki Botol, Jhunnie ::

Kaki Botol, Eva ::

Ghost Water everyday sober, Rice ::

The magician after a few bottles, Singblass ::

After a few, Ah Hooi ::

Can't take my eyes off you, said to the glass, Weiwei ::

Talking nonsence when drunk, Kahgiap ::

Steady drinker, Yingtze ::

Never drink, Ypink ::

Excepted Syahrulfikri, with Orange juice ::

Cheers baby!

11 September, 2008

LomoTrip in Johor

Thank you all for making this trip so much fun....
Everything that happened on that day are still in my mind now...

We felts happy while we bunch of group were gathering in the Jeep's house...
We felts excited while we are on our way to JB...
We felts so good while we met up with Rolin & Beebee underneath the billboard...

All days long...
We eat, drink, shoot, load, drive, jump, pose, run, swim, dive, chat, play, selling credit card,
"bangsai", 'no sai to bang", sms, mms, mahjong, stacking, hokkian karaoke, smoke, record...any many more...

Until the last day...
We hate to say goodbye to rolin, beebee, ronnie, ten1o, jojooo, xiao ling & JB...
Reached KL and started to miss em'...

But luckily, we have recorded the moment with the analogue & digital's machines...
Those photos & video will make us smile & laugh...

Rolin, beebee, ten1o, ronnie, xiao ling, charii, redsea & gang,
jimmy & gang, jeepeng, edmund, dickwoei & xiang,
hooi & weiwei, kahgiap, chann, alth, laoda, rice, ymc,
jhunnie & eva, jojooo, suigor & wife, sweetheart, yunc and all....
Thanks again for making this trip so much fun...

Without Lomo, there's nothing...

05 September, 2008

再見 (Zai Jian)

張震嶽 - 再見 ::

I repeat, repeat & repeat to play this song! Oh damn!
I think this is the song for our trip, JB trip, tomorrow!
Yeah! Say goodbye to KL!...JB, we're f##king coming!

02 September, 2008

Congratulations to Eggman & YunChin

Congratulations! Today is yours big day!! From BBQ dinner to wedding lunch! I'm responsible to become the photographer. Unfortunately, I do not have any DSLR camera but a compact digital-camera. And the camera isn't fast enough to run the entire function! That's real tough! Anyway, I hope Mr. Aik Meng & Ms. Yun Chin, today's lovely couple are likes the photo.

Congratulations to you both again!!

Wedding ceremony & lunch ::