16 September, 2008

Unexplainable • Rethink

When I move closer to this swan,
it might be hate? angry? scream? attack?
It's the same to a human being as well,
whereby a stranger try to do something to you.

But certain people are get used to behave like that,
just only depending on their moods.

Something burning inside the head?
Mr. Attitude told to act like that?
The Culture? Family background?
Is this unexplainable?
Or it that from our Karma, that kinda hard for me to change my behaviour?
Do I really need to rethink?
I still don't f##king understand this.
Opps...not again...


Hooi said...

me and one of my colleague always face sort of this kind of problem.
Our solution is just.. just..
Calm and let it go as if it is going to be good or not..
then after a while.. things are getting better.

jeepeng said...

everyone in the world is different, that's why the world is so colourful, there's no a guide on how to be a man, if it is, we are looking everyone is the same like the movie Being John Malkovich, no point to live our life, just like a robot. We live our life as the way that making ourself and ppl we love around us happy, that's is. Don't chase perfect, perfect is a very tiring stuff. Sometime we do angry, sad, emo, happy...just like weather, remember "when the days all seem the same don't feet the cold or wind or rain everything will be pkwy we will meet again one day"

ronnie said...

I meet this kind of people everyday... i admit, i'm one of those you mentioned =P, but only to those who give me shit. What can I do? just accept it, cause I can't lose this job badly. Good benefit + good pay = sad job. I think they are meant to be in the same categories.