15 August, 2009

To My Work Place

o1// Sometime queuing.

o2// To aware 1 Malaysia's billboard

o3// Flying over

o4// "See you tonight"

o5// Will wait you here

o6// Free within 10 minutes

o7// Waiting to turn tight

o8// Slowing down because of a few bumps ahead (just changed my new absorbers...)

o9// Blue sky

1o// After a few metres, just peace here

11// Reached the free parking at the sidelake

12// Walking to office, surrounding with the sounds of nature

13// Green

14// Half way journey

15// Fresh wind

16// Blowing down the leaves

17// Pass thru the bridal photography studio

18// Main entrance of my new working place

19// Reception, living hall and work desks

2o// Meeting area & studio

21// Inside the studio

22// Still early

23// Multimedia Zone

24// My desk

25// View from my window

26// Checking email...as usual

27// My new smoking zone (downstair)

28// Sunset view from the lake

28// What the...

29// Fishing lovers

30// Some of my colleagues

31// Good night

09 July, 2009