29 August, 2008


刘欢(Liu Huan) & 莎拉·布莱曼(Sarah Brightman)
2008 Beijing Olympics Official Theme Song ::

25 August, 2008

Universiti Teknologi Petronas 8th Convocation Ceremony

Yesterday was the day of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) 8th Convocation Ceremony Day 2008. And I would like to congrats all of the great students! Congratulations!

This is my first time standing so close with Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the Advisor of Petronas and Chancellor of UTP. And I took my opportunity to take photos as many as I could with my digital-camera :-)

And of course, I'm proud of you, Mr. Lee Shy Yong. It was a wonderful day for you, once in a lifetime only. After taking 3 years of the Degree of Mechanical Engineering, here you are today You're graduated! Congratulations, my buddy! Cheers for you!

Futhermore, I hope you're not worrying me that was not be able to watch Olympics Closing Ceremony live! And yesterday was your big day too! It's worth for me to wait 3 hours outside the hall. What I really need to do were to memorizes up this big moment via my cameras.

Once again, Congratulations my friend, Mr. Lee!

Photos taken with
Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad ::

Photos taken with Family ::

Photos taken with classmates ::

Mr. Lee Shy Yong with Library as the background ::

Penyampaian Sijil shot from Projector Screen outside the hall ::

Misc shots ::

Two Lee's ::

Horizon photos are coming soon///

09 August, 2008

Lost & Found Stamp Album

Collecting stamps were my hobby since I was in primary school. Buying and collecting the latest stamps was part of my life that time. Besides than a new one, my dad were also helping me to find the used stamps from oversea envelope. He loved to collect stamps when he was young too. He gave me all of his collection when he found out that I loved to collect stamp. Until I stepped in to secondary school, the feeling of collecting stamps were slowly gone and disappeared from my mind. Until I just kept my stamp album into the closet.

Day by day, month by month and year by year! Until the last few months when I bought a stamps from the post office, I only realized where the hell are all of my collected stamps? I looked into my drawers, closet and book rack. I was unable to find it! I thought it might be totally lost and gone! Maybe my mom had threw away for recycle? "When that thing are new, I'll take care of it. And when it's already old, I'll throw it away", I talked to myself. This is my bad habit. Until that day when I need to it, I can't find! And it's already late for me to feel regret! Gosh!

Just now, my mom asked me to check all the books from my closet either still got use or not. If not, she will send it all to the charity organisation. And my mom actually had already took out all the books and put inside a big box. I'm a lazy pig isn't it? I started to keep checking one by one. Some are SPM buku teks, kamus, magazines and many more excepted the "X-book". LOL! Just kiding.

Check, throw, check, throw and suddenly I saw a book which is labeled "Stamp Album"!! Oh my...that's my old stamp album!! And finally I found it. I flipped from page to another page. All of my stamps are attached fine! Thank you, my mom and sorry! I thought she had threw it away at first. Haha! And I will keep it in a safe place and will let my children to have it in the future! Thanks again!

Inside my stamps album ::

First Day Cover Menara KL, Oct 1996 ::

First Day Cover Pusat Sains Negara, Nov 1996 ::

First Day Cover Sukan Komanwel ke XVI, Dec 1996

First Day Cover Burung Tanah Tinggi Malaysia, Jan 1997 ::

Old and used stamps since Malaya ::

Olympic Seoul 1988 from Bangladesh ::

Silver Jubilee Of Victory Day from Bangladesh ::

Other oversea stamps from USA, Britain, China,
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, State of Qatar,
India, Pakistan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and many more ::

07 August, 2008

02 August, 2008

Just a Piece of Cake?

No, it's not when there is a candle lighting on top of it...