17 March, 2007

LomoLocations Weekly Blog-Features

Captured screen from Lomography Society International ::

This captured picture awoken me up!
Before that, I was just trying to have some nap.
But Yunc has woke me up and reminded me to send some files to Mr.Jeepeng.
That time I was so freaking sleepy & tired to the max!
While I was sending the files, my habits of clicking on
and www.lomographyasia.com will not dissapeared from my mind.
My first seen from the webpage was the word of "Dataran Merdeka".
And, my submission was featured as the LomoLocations Weekly Blog-Features.
Please click (
here) to read what's my story and see the Lomo photos.
Thank you so much to Lomography Society International (LSI).

13 March, 2007

Another FishEye Camera

My Absolut bottle's shot ::

AbsolutLomo February winner list from (top5) ::


AbsolutLomo competition has ended on February 2007.
Yunc, Jeepeng, Chingbibi & me have
just won another FishEye cameras again.

Unfortunately, nobody from Malaysia can be the Top10 winners.
But, it's lucky that we are selected for the
100 runners-upfrom all around the world.

We won twice! From December 2006 till February 2007.
Congratulations to all AbsolutLomo winners again.
And thank you so pretty much to Absolut & Lomo!
This competition was challenging and awesome!
Many of them are the superb lomographers...!

08 March, 2007

My Lomo Life

My first Lomo shot ::

After having spent most of my time on Visual Communication
course in Malaysia, I’ve developed many photographs.
Even though, some of them were rejected by my photography lecturer.
I’ve still not given up because I am inspired by many
other great designers and photographers
Being a Junior Art Director, I am still learning hard to acquire better knowledge.

I’m the second son with the total amount of sixth members in my family.
My parent, brothers and sister wasn’t influenced much on Art and Design.
I’m just the only one who love and totally crazy that.
“8 to 5” is not my working life.

Last year, I was introduced by my friends about LOMOGRAPHY.
“What the hell is LOMO?” All I knew it is just similar like photography.
I can view all of the work in the Internet which is very impressive.
Since I would like to know more about it,
I’ve bought an ActionSampler Flash as my first Lomo camera.
1 month later, finally I got myself another LOMO camera
called Lomo Compact-Automat (LC-A). It’s small and unique.
Of course what I’ve shot from the LC-A is totally different.
Snapping my band group while we playing Rock music
…even anywhere and anytime.
Now, I have more than one hand’s fingers of Lomo camera.

There are quite a number of Lomographers in Malaysia nowadays.
At times, we have gathering, shooting trips and
even share our LOMO’s inspirations together.
I really enjoy every aspect of Lomography.
You’ll love it anyway! Rock the LOMO!