17 March, 2007

LomoLocations Weekly Blog-Features

Captured screen from Lomography Society International ::

This captured picture awoken me up!
Before that, I was just trying to have some nap.
But Yunc has woke me up and reminded me to send some files to Mr.Jeepeng.
That time I was so freaking sleepy & tired to the max!
While I was sending the files, my habits of clicking on
and www.lomographyasia.com will not dissapeared from my mind.
My first seen from the webpage was the word of "Dataran Merdeka".
And, my submission was featured as the LomoLocations Weekly Blog-Features.
Please click (
here) to read what's my story and see the Lomo photos.
Thank you so much to Lomography Society International (LSI).


dominic said...

congrat dude... it's a celebration!

Reinert Lee said...

Hey brader, thanks a lot... You also dont forget to summit into that.. Not much submission from Malaysia Lomographers!