18 April, 2007


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Art of firecrackers ::

18th February, 2007 ::
It was the first day for me to enjoy this festive with my cameras
before until i got addicted and called myself as a noob's Lomographer.
Without losing this opportunity with a plenty of chances,
I've treated my cameras as my belongings wherever I am.
Unfortunately, this year wasn't have much firecrackers
in my area like the last few years did.
Same story, the government unwarranted the public to play cracker.
The blown firecrackers in the air have been decreasing within year per year.
I still remember the joyfulness when i was in a child. Don't you?
Actually, firecrackers is an art. Or we called it as the visualization.
And don't forget! Firecrackers is hazardous and pollute.
It's nice to see and excite to play, but don't be a fool!!

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dominic said...

totally agree! i wanna play crackers...!