01 May, 2007

Fourteen Of April

Pan Chan from Hong Kong ::

Wonderlandream from Hong Kong ::

Pan, Dream & gang in Petaling Street ::

Lomography souvenir items (photo by Yunc) ::

14th April, 2007 ::
It was a vivacity Saturday morning.

With the sky of blueish unlike the grayscale,
Pan Chan & Wonderlandream from Hong Kong came
to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia surprisingly (untold by Jeepeng).
Together with Jeepeng, Yunc, Ching, Ypink, Dominic & Sue,
we had a nice porridge breakfast along with "Yao Char Kuay".
Since I join Lomography last year of February,
Fourteen of April was the first day I met up with overseas Lomographers.
Truly a great time to exchange our Lomo spirit between each others.
That Saturday morning was the day for LomoKids LomoOuting as well.
They reached us like a sounds of "WOOOOOW!!!".
I can't imagine that! They have almost 30~40 people surrounding.
They are not a whippersnapper, but the well-known shooters.
I ever seen this many Lomographers in Malaysia yet before.
They are Rocks!!!
Perspicuity, Fourteen of April was a gorgeous yesterdays.
Lomo really got me out from working sickness!
Yes, it is true!

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