16 February, 2007


A Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to my family,
my friends & all lomographers who celebrating this festive!

And a Happy Holiday to all party people!

恭喜發財 :: Gong Xi Fa Cai ::

Lomo Fa Cai...!

13 February, 2007

Fishy LC-A

FishEye Vs. LC-A ::

Me(FishEye) Vs. Yunc(LC-A) ::

My FishEye camera was a prize of the Runners-Up in
AbsolutLomo competition.
All I need to say again is thank you so much for the Awards! They're superb!

Some of the winners got a little bit problem with the prize of FishEye camera.
What i thought was, the winning prizes might be from the old/guarantee stocks.
Feeling unsatisfied, I have tried it with a roll of film in a very fast way.
Using Fujichrome Provia 400F, which expired 4 years ago.
Furthermore, a piece of FishEye developed photo might be bored or maybe wasted?
By not wasting my time, I have roll back the film again into my lovely LC-A camera.
Some of the photo, I have also mixed up with Yunc. Billion thanks to her!

As a Lomographer, "Don't Think, Just Shoot" is our headline.
Finally here is my first results, mixing up my LC-A with FishEye camera.
Fortunately, my FishEye is in a good condition!

(More Lomo here) (Double with Yunc)

12 February, 2007

Blood Diamond

11th Feb, 2007 (Yesterday) ::

Me & Yunc watched this film in theater after re-poisoning again by Kahgiap.

By not wasting my Sunday fever, I have bought the early morning's tickets.

The film is about to stop showing in theaters around Malaysia.

And the theater was just almost to be an empty space.

The story ended-up together with my tears & a hands clapping inside my heart!

Anyone who have not watch this film yet, must watch!

You'll know the true story after watching it.

A Maximum Stars* rating for (Blood Diamond)

02 February, 2007

My Sight of...

Morning sky ::

Religion ::

Companionship ::

City, Kuala Lumpur ::

Friendship ::

Lomo machines ::

Lomo outing ::

Busy walk of life ::

01 February, 2007


New year has begun for a month.
January, a busy month for me.
Fortunately, I did what i have to be done.
This is my blog, my new blog.
Wherefore to share with u all.
My friends & all Lomographers.

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