02 February, 2007

My Sight of...

Morning sky ::

Religion ::

Companionship ::

City, Kuala Lumpur ::

Friendship ::

Lomo machines ::

Lomo outing ::

Busy walk of life ::


jeepeng said...

apa ni?u like me a lot huh?kakakaka!

Reinert Lee said...

Jeep, you are one of my best Lomo model too leh! When can i be yours?

dominic said...

how come ur sight so good and mine sucks ar?
gota get a specs for my lca liau!

Reinert Lee said...

Dom, your LC-A shots beh phai also lah! Can see it from AbsolutLomo wall!

dominic said...

yeah... beh pai but not good mar! haha!

Reinert Lee said...

beh pai in hokkien = NOT BAD mah! when u wanna hang out again?