12 February, 2007

Blood Diamond

11th Feb, 2007 (Yesterday) ::

Me & Yunc watched this film in theater after re-poisoning again by Kahgiap.

By not wasting my Sunday fever, I have bought the early morning's tickets.

The film is about to stop showing in theaters around Malaysia.

And the theater was just almost to be an empty space.

The story ended-up together with my tears & a hands clapping inside my heart!

Anyone who have not watch this film yet, must watch!

You'll know the true story after watching it.

A Maximum Stars* rating for (Blood Diamond)


dominic said...

u r really broke backing with jeepeng ler. both blog about movies lately!

Reinert Lee said...

LOL..dominic! I just cannot stand to express out this movie..Trust me! This movie is really a great movie!

dominic said...

will try watching it then... if it's not nice. u will surely get it from me then!