13 February, 2007

Fishy LC-A

FishEye Vs. LC-A ::

Me(FishEye) Vs. Yunc(LC-A) ::

My FishEye camera was a prize of the Runners-Up in
AbsolutLomo competition.
All I need to say again is thank you so much for the Awards! They're superb!

Some of the winners got a little bit problem with the prize of FishEye camera.
What i thought was, the winning prizes might be from the old/guarantee stocks.
Feeling unsatisfied, I have tried it with a roll of film in a very fast way.
Using Fujichrome Provia 400F, which expired 4 years ago.
Furthermore, a piece of FishEye developed photo might be bored or maybe wasted?
By not wasting my time, I have roll back the film again into my lovely LC-A camera.
Some of the photo, I have also mixed up with Yunc. Billion thanks to her!

As a Lomographer, "Don't Think, Just Shoot" is our headline.
Finally here is my first results, mixing up my LC-A with FishEye camera.
Fortunately, my FishEye is in a good condition!

(More Lomo here) (Double with Yunc)


jeepeng said...

i havn't test mine, well i dun care, coz i'm giving away!muahahahhaa!see who "suei siao"!

Reinert Lee said...

haha..we won't "suei siao" one lah.
i almost forget the Tamron 300mm lens...see you tomorrow man!