15 November, 2007

Crossover with Syahrulfikri

Shot in the City ::

Behind the Story ::

Joined In ::

Ikea Vs. Ikea

After getting bored with some single shots somehow,

it's great if you roll back the film into the camera for 2nd shoots.
Of course, it could be more interesting if you roll it back
into your friends or family's camera.

Here are some of my crossover photos with (Syahrulfikri).
It's so coincidence we had double-up some photo in the same place at IKEA.
All photos could tell me a lot of stories behind the story.

Thank you so much Syahrulfikri for making this possible.

More (photos) here!


dominic said...

luv shoot in the city...
nice werk bro!

Reinert Lee said...

hey thanks man!

Long time no see, how have you been?

dominic said...

haha.. nothing much!
just another lame-ass wannabe..