14 October, 2008

是 年青 或是 老了
shi    nian qing   huo shi   lao le

Am I Getting Older or Younger?

Hair 2001 //

Hair 2005 (lmao) //

Hair 2006 //

Hair 2006, Lomographs by Jeep //

Hair 2006, Lomographs by Ypink //

Hair 2007 - Recycle Myself //

Hair 2007 //

Hair in Progress 2007 //

Hair 2007 //

Hair Mushroom 2008 (lol) //

Hair Before & After 2008 //

Hair Now - Recycle Myself II //


-mc- said...

LOL!!! i tot u have "gold color hair b4!^^hahahaha~

beebee said...


2001~2005 pics~so so so so so so so so so so fasionnnnnn~~~~~

old skool style yaXD

yayawoo said...

LMAO!!! dude u really rocks!!! how bout keep ur hair longer again!!!

iamwen said...

hey bro!!!! your long hair really rocks!!!!
You look good with the latest hairstyle too!

Hooi said...

fulamak taiko... 你也真有一套呢。。。

rice said...

長頭髮好有型啊!李振偉!(°ο°) kakakaka....

kulturkampf said...

neither older or younger, but leng zai-er!! lol!!!

Reinert Lee said...

ymc // Saya mana ada ah beng hairstyle?? haha! Maybe before 2001 kua?

beebee // Many told me I looked like an old uncle last time! Haha!

yayawoo // I wish too! but my hair do not like to listen to me when it's getting longer :(

iamwen // Thank you, taikoh!

hooi // Haha! I got two sets inside my drawer. Long & Short one! LOL!

rice // Thank you, nasi!

suigor // I love your hairstyle the most, suigor! Dunno when mine can be like yours leh?

beebee said...

Few years ago ppl wont play old skool style~~~~~
that why i can understand ppl said u old uncle liaoXD

Eva Eva said...

wah./!!!!!!!! nice hairstyle!!!!
u r not getting old, in fact u look younger!!! :)

Reinert Lee said...

beebee // Haha! That's why! Like what they said "how come your hair look like 70's uncle"! Lmao!

evaeva // Really or not?? Haha!

beebee said...

wakakaka~now u can say u are fashionable~few years ago already play old skool~we all loss liao lahhXD