11 January, 2008

Make It Till Monday In Perlis

Harmony ::

Shine On ::

Exploration ::

Movement ::

The Lady ::

Lovely ::

Uncontrolled ::

Attacked ::

Stand Up ::

Dancing ::

Smile ::

Journey ::

Jumpers ::

Leadership ::

Nature ::

Distance ::

Spacious ::

5th Jan 2008 ::
After the 6-7 hours ride from Damansara,
finally we reached Perlis, Kahgiap's hometown successfully.

No matter how tired we were & how hot was the weather,
our satisfactory for this LomoOuting are still with us now.

Kahgiap, Yingtze, Jeepeng, Jhunnie, Yunc,
Syahrulfikri, Edmund, Rice00 & Kfc, Solomo & friends,
thank you so much for making this trip so much fun.

This is the very first LomoOuting for the year 2008.


dominic said...

nice pics bro...nice!

Magnus Haridas said...

wah you guys have soooo much fun...great capture!

syahrulfikri said...

we had fun eh brader, totally amazing.

Reinert Lee said...

Hi! Yeah..this trip was real fun! And I miss Perlis now!

dominic said...

i miss the fun....

Reinert Lee said...

Hey Dom, we might still have 2nd round. Maybe travel via air.

syahrulfikri said...

where to reinert?

Reinert Lee said...

I meant maybe we will travel to Perlis in the future again? Who knows right, syahrulfikri.

dominic said...

ok, i hope i'll be able to join!

ymmij said...

htese are very very nice leh!. :D

Eva Eva said...

nice trip. nice pictures!!!