16 March, 2008

R + C

As promised, yunc & I will go some fish shop today.
We had also decided to buy at least 6 small
Peacock (Chinese) fish for some room decoration.

That time was about to reach hot sunny noon.
I was just awoke and got 2 missed call from yunc.
"Hmm, where she goes?", I was wondered.
When I wanted to call her that time, she'd return home.

Now only I knew she "put me an aeroplane"
and went to a fish shop alone.
She had bought back a pair of fish instead of 6 (six).
We placed the fish into a mini-bowl with some grass.

After a few minutes, they started to woo each other.
They looks happie in their new mini home everyday.

Seems it's a pair, we've named them "R" & "C".
Guys, guess which one is male & which one is female?

Which is "R"?
Which is "C"?

The photo above will give you a hint.


jeepeng said...

red = R
yellow = C

Reinert Lee said...

After all these days,
Yunc and I had noticed that the yellow one has becoming a male?
Its tail are changing color same like the red one.

And now the "C" should also changed to "J".

R = right one (Reinert)
J = left one (Jeep)


ten1o said...

wa!!! so GAY n SWEET... hahahha

dominic said...

fuck gay power..!

jeepeng said...

wah! "yun wong" i'm not PLU!

wei, "sui za bo" you no need sleep ah?

Reinert Lee said...

tengah kerja larut malam ini :(

cari wang susah lah, brader!

rice said...

Your pic reminds me the music video from my little airport - "My litte fish". after watch dont scold me... :P


Reinert Lee said...

Oh..that's sad..!

Tell you what, the fishes really died yesterday :(

rice said...

ha?!... i'm so sorry........ ><