05 June, 2008

It's Happening Now!

Where are all the trees? ::

Where are all the trees? ::

When I was small, I always worried and asked myself when are
the “stone” from the sky is going to fall down and hit us?
Is that my home will turns up side down and explode one day?
I will hug and never let go my family with our lovely dog
at home when the world is going to end that day.

Today, I understand that the “stone” are called
the Asteroid, Meteorite or Comet?
And I also understand that the world might going to end up
whereby we as the human who are causes the Global Warming
instead of those “stone” hitting us up.
Funny? No, it is not funny.

What is really happen to our world today?
Why the ices keep melting and rising up the sea level?
Why the global air temperatures keep increasing?
Why the weather changes abnormally?
Why certain countries were several hit by flood?
Why we have so many cars, smokes, factories & etc…?
Where are all the trees?
Are we going to die soon? Huh?

What the Hell? Ask yourself…? I ask myself…
Said scientist, this will only happens in the future 50 years from now.
But they were wrong and we’ve made a big mistake.
It’s actually already happening since last few years.

The fossil fuels like oil and coal are burned for
energy will release Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
This is the biggest cause of Global Warming!
And the world is going to turn up side down soon, mama!

What should we do now?
Save energy!
Carpool and drive less!
Only use energy-efficient appliances!
Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs!
Don’t waste! Recycle!
Fight the Global Warming!

This is not a joke… It is really happens today!
-Save the Earth-


Eva Eva said...

Lets walk to work. Save the world =)

jeepeng said...

i already ask my mum to "tar-pao" without using the polystyrene by bring our own Tupperware, and now i'm sleeping without air-con, less driving and planting flowers in my balcony.