16 April, 2009

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lee!



yayawoo said...

sui jin jin oh!!!
boh gao! boh gao!!!

more more more!!!
we wan more ^^

beebee said...

sui tang tang^++++^
congrats kahgiap&yingtze^_____^

ten1o said...

more more more =P

Hooi said...

itu saja kah taukeh????
mana cukup~!!!
tapi dah cukup pengsankan saya la..

Xiao Wei said...

very the sui lar tauke~~~!!!

Dick Chua said...

Operator, this is crazy awesome photos lah!! Love the song too!

S8j said...

really really
nice nice nice n nice!!!
some more????

S8j said...

mr lee,
can tell me how to put the
'simple player' in your blog?
i like this idea! cool!!!

Reinert Lee said...

I want to see more & more from you all too!!!

Mr Kenneth, if you want to put a music player on your blog, first you have to copy your mp3 song into your ftp server to link it example "www.yourwebsite.com/abc.mp3".

After that, simply copy this embed code into your blog new "HTML template" from the website below (scroll down to end of the page). You can put .mp3 instead of .mid:-


kahgiap said...

beng you, i like the way u use tht tian mi mi with the photo present .. tian dao .... hahaha
v decide use this song. kakakaka

thankyou so much !!! kam sia la !!!

S8j said...

thanks!!!!! :DDDDDD

Reinert Lee said...

LOL.. tian mi mi...

zsezsespeck said...

It is freaking awesome. Congrat KahGiap and YingTze.

MiyakeLy said...

good job!!